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Rome walking tour

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Rome walking  tour offers you the very best of most famous squares, monuments, fountains, and artists. Let the Eternal City enchant you as You discover some of the world’s most famous sites.

When you walk into the Pantheon – the Temple of all Gods you have a sense of this ancient temple being still used for exercising multi deities’ religion however it is now a church, St Mary, and the Martyrs.

Pantheon still stands, although in an extremely poor exterior condition, and it is used for Sunday Mass and occasional weddings. It is the resting place for italian king Vittorio Emanuele II and his  wife queen Margherita. Well-known painter an architect of the Renaissance Raffaello is burried there also.

One more masterpieces of baroque art is waiting for us in Eternal City, Piazza Navona, square of artists.

Every year, artists from all over the world come to this place to play music, paint, or act under the open sky. But, only a few people know that in ancient times it had a quite different use.

It was the Stadium od Emperor Domitian reserved for athletic competitions such as running, wrestling, and boxing. The remains of this amazing temple of sports is open for visits too as  Underground Rome tour .

In the centre of Piazza Navona, you will see the breath-taking Four River fountain. It portrays the four main rivers of the Earth, surrounded by Agonale obelisk: Danube, Ganges, Nile and  Rio de la Plata.

Bernini, as any genius artist, wanted to add some hidden and esoteric meanings to his fountains. Valeting water is the essential element of sculpture. Water that does not gush but flows from various points of the rocks and pours into the large base tank.

The Trevi Fountain is visited by more than 3.5 million people every year. It is a magnificent tribute to the roman god Ocean. The main scene is represented by a rocky cliff with a shell where the God of the Sea rises in his glory pulled by two horses. Their expressions symbolize the states of the sea: one is calm, the other not.

One of the two newts, also, blows deeply into a shell: this sound was able to calm storms and heralded the arrival of the god of the sea.
Surely you know that in the Trevi Fountain you must throw a coin to return to Eternal City, and especially the in loved ones.  One of the legends tells that Roman girls brought their companions before leaving for military service, giving them drinks from the fountain, and then breaking glasses.

With this ritual they made sure that the boyfriend remained faithful to the beloved!

Don’t be fooled if you count the Spanish Steps  they are 135 in total, the first step isn’t actually a step it is in fact drainage. When you start climbing the steps look to your right side, you will gaze upon a house of English poet John Keats who lived and died in it 1821.

Travel through time and experience  Rome city centre must-see art and architecture.

On the end, enjoy your typical roman dinner as the ending part of the perfect day on Your own!


  • Venice Square
  • Trevi Fountain
  • Spanish Steps
  • Pantheon
  • Navona Square


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Via del Teatro di Marcello 42, 00186 Roma, IT


Tour can be cancelled in a case of bad wether Minimum 2 pax


Wheelchair accessible Suitable for children No access with animals


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1 h 30 min

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