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Aliens in Rome

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Aliens in Rome? Are you one of those enthusiasts who constantly research traces of alien life on Earth? If so, this tour promises to be an unforgettable experience. Traces of extraterrestrial presence in Rome can be found dating back to ancient times, offering an intriguing glimpse into other civilizations walking the streets of Rome.

Our Aliens in Rome tour encompasses locations associated with reported contacts and documented phenomena throughout history.
What if mysterious events from the past could be clarified as historical occurrences faithfully recorded in the ancient writings of “Annales Maximi”? During the Roman Republic, the Chief Priest of the Capitol recorded significant public events of the day and published an abbreviated version on a whiteboard.

The earliest records contained reports of mythological events and unexplained phenomena. While this might seem abstract to many, the credibility of these and similar records is supported by extensive research at Villa Pamphili, where diverse documents have passed through researchers’ hands, including accounts of entities from elsewhere, intersecting with UFO theories and ancient astronauts.
There are multiple sources offering testimonies about unexplained events from the past. Among the most famous ufologists, Giulio Osequente’s “Prodigiorum Liber,” written in the 4th century AD, describes events that occurred in Rome, often defined as “miracles.” For instance, he noted sightings of luminous torch-like objects in the sky, circular flying objects resembling legionnaires’ fiery shields, as well as sightings of golden-coloured fireballs and ship-like forms in the flaming sky.

These accounts also mention abominations, biological monsters, peculiar atmospheric phenomena, people allegedly abducted in clouds, and sightings of flying saucers.
The scientist and encyclopaedist Pliny the Elder, in chapters 26 and 36 of the second book “Naturalis Historia,” recounts the story of “Klipe Ardens” above the sky of the capital during the Second Punic War. He describes a UFO fleet as a singular, shining entity observed in the sky (XXI book, chapter 62).
Great curiosity is stirred by the inexplicable events that Giulio Osequente and Titus Livius categorized as “Chunderkind” in the light of religion, superstition, or ancient science.

These include popular stories and legends of Rome, such as the alleged kidnapping of King Romulus. Considering it as an alien abduction of a king adds an intriguing layer to the tale.
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  • The Aliens in Rome aims to unravel the mysteries exploring intriguing narratives,istorical records and unexplained events that hint at encounters with UFO!


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Piazza del Quirinale via XXIV Maggio via IV Novembre Piazza Venezia Campidoglio via del Teatro di Marcello via Montanara Piazza in Campitelli via dei Funari Piazza Mattei via dei Falegnami via Paganica Piazza dell’Enciclopedia italiana via Florida Largo Argentina Corso Rinascimento via degli Staderari Salita dei Crescenzi Pantheon


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