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Ghosts of Rome

Lungotevere Tor di Nona, 7, Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy
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Discover the world of dark, ghosts and mysteries of Rome with its long history of blood and power and enormous number of victims and followers, that didn’t fine peace. Legends are telling the their ghosts wonder through the streets and live inside the buildings. Come and light on this world of paranormal with us!

Near Saint Angelo’s Castle seems that there are many ghosts who cries from the stones of its dungeons and surroundings. In ancient times, it was a place of public executions and the favourite macabre show for the citizens.

It is said by many, that on the Saint Angelo’s bridge the ghost of Maestro Titta, the cruel Executioner can be seen. Also, the voices and moans of the souls who cannot find peace manifest there.

Most famous among them is certainly that of Beatrice Cenci, a beautiful young noblewoman, was sentenced to death for the murder of her father who was a violent man and subjected her to constant abuse.

In via del Governo Vecchio at number 57, looking up we could see the windows of the third-floor apartment, which tradition has it that it is haunted by all kinds of presences.

Objects that were raised and went to crash against the walls, strong blows followed by noises of all kinds, frightened the Tromba spouses who lived in the apartment, until they left the house. Reliable people, including police officers, also witnessed the strange facts.
Next stop is the Statue of Pasquino is a mysterious statue in the square with the same name. It is common believed that it speaks, and it’s s used, from the ancient time as a satirical symbol of criticism of the authorities through halls and verses. You can also try to witness this legend if you attach your criticism to the neck of Pasquino when we pass by.
Piazza Navona square is also affected by “strange apparition” of Constance De Cupis, Roman nobility whose presence haunts her family’s palace. She was particularly admired for her beauty, but it was predicted that she would die before her time. As well, the spirit of Donna Olimpia, powerful sister of Innocent X, has been seen at Pamphili palace, residence closed for years.

According to the legend, during the stormy nights, a horse drawn carriage can be seen there with the eyes burning like fire on board
The Temple of all the Gods, Pantheon has a terrifying legend that says a story of the mighty magician and alchemist who made a pact with the devil himself, Pierre Bayard.

He came to Rome at the end of his life, a penitent, to atone for his sins. He confessed and received communion in the Pantheon but, as soon as he came out, he found in front of him a devil who demanded compensation for his services.

Magician gave him nuts, outsmarting him and provoking horrible wrath of the devil. The battle between them started and the moat that runs along the temple has been made. So be careful, there could be a sassy shadow with a tail and horns nearby! Bring some candy just in case.

The spirit of Julius Caesar, the first true emperor of Roman Empire to be killed in the Martian, is seen around Largo Argentina and the Colosseum. Caesar’s ashes were interred in a lead ball above an obelisk.

When this was returned to the Vatican Pope Sixtus V opened it to see if the remains were inside.
Legend has it that this released the ghost of Caesar which now wanders the city, d his soul can no longer rest.

There is a good chance you’ll feel a touch and chill on your right shoulder just before midnight, passing that route.
We will end our adventure at Piazza Mattei, famous for its famous barricaded window that is covered by the mystery.


  • Castel Sant'Angelo
  • Via del Governo Vecchio
  • Piazza Pasquino
  • Pantheon
  • Largo di Torre Argentina
  • Piazza Mattei


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Lungotevere Tor di Nona 7


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1 h 30 min

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Lungotevere Tor di Nona, 7, Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy


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