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Caserta Royal Castle excursion

Reggia di Caserta, Piazza Carlo di Borbone, Caserta, Province of Caserta, Italy
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Caserta Royal Palace is one of  the largest in Europe is proclaimed by UNESCO World Heritage to be able to compete with the Versailles Palace, thanks to its 1,200 rooms and gardens.

Caserta Royal Palace is  extraordinary journey to discovery with our immersive traditional visit to the illustrious Caserta Palace, a palatial treasure trove steeped in history, art, and opulence.

This exclusive experience promises to reveal not only the well-known facets but also the hidden gems and intriguing curiosities that lie within the palace’s walls.

Begin your exploration in the grandeur of the Salone of Honor, where the ceilings seem to touch the sky, and the air is filled with the whispers of bygone eras.

Delve into the rich narrative of the Historic Apartments, each room adorned with timeless elegance and a story to tell. The Housing areas, once the private sanctuaries of nobility, open their doors to reveal the intimate details of daily life and the unique charm of each space.

As you traverse the palatial corridors, be captivated by the beautifully decorated rooms boasting frescoes that bring to life the artistic genius of the time. Marvel at the intricate details of the Palace of Apollo, feel the allure of the Horseshoe Court Theater, and be enchanted by the pristine beauty of the Elliptical Hall—an ethereal canvas waiting to be explored.

Within the Elliptical Hall, devoid of embellishments and painted in pure white, discover the renowned Bourbon Nativity, a masterpiece that adds an extra layer of historical and artistic significance to your journey.

Venture beyond the confines of the palace, and the enchanting gardens of Caserta unfold—a harmonious blend of nature and artistry. Follow the meandering network of fountains and basins that gracefully extend from the palace, leading you to a breathtaking waterfall nestled in the heart of the forest.

The landscape transforms as you pass the castle-like playhouse and the pond that once hosted mock sea battles, and you find yourself in the midst of the English Garden—one of the estate’s true highlights.

The English Garden, with its picturesque lake and artful decorations that mimic ancient ruins, provides a serene backdrop for contemplation and exploration. To cover more ground and immerse yourself fully in the grandeur of this historic estate, consider navigating the grounds by bike or horse and cart.

Join us on this extended sojourn into the heart of Caserta Palace and its splendid surroundings, where every step reveals a chapter of history, a stroke of artistic brilliance, and a connection to the enchanting beauty that defines this timeless destination. Your day will be filled with wonder, discovery, and the magic of Caserta’s past.

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  • Salone of Honor
  • Historic Apartments
  • Palace of Apollo
  • Horseshoe Court Theater
  • Elliptical Hall,
  • Bourbon Nativity.
  • Gardens of Caserta


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  • Transportation by train roundtrip
  • Entrance tickets to Caserta&Gardens
  • Guided tour
  • Headsets
  • Lunch
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  • Gardens inside transport
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Full day

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Reggia di Caserta, Piazza Carlo di Borbone, Caserta, Province of Caserta, Italy


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