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Caracalla Baths 4D

Terme di Caracalla - The Baths of Caracalla - Soprintendenza Archeologica Di Roma, Viale delle Terme di Caracalla, Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy
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Witness a piece of history of Ancient Rome trough the tour into the second biggest public baths in Rome, with specific philosophy of living, that inspired people throughout the centuries. The precise purpose was to provide satisfaction to the Roman citizens, so as to keep them distracted, and this intent was fully achieved.

In Rome, this thermal complexes became in fact incomparable places of socialisation and leisure, where there was a great movement of citizens of every social stratum, men and women (for which, however, separate times and spaces were provided).

 That’s why, we are enthusiastic to take you on the journey and introduce You  to the everyday lives  of Romans, by following their footsteps inside this ancient building. You will learn about the complex sewage systems they invented and implemented on their structures, considered ingenues even today.

The place for building for bathing and body care, but also a place for  relaxation, sport and studying. The central block consists of the caldarium, the area intended for hot baths and steam, then the tepidarium, a transition environment from the moderately warm temperature, the frigidarium, for invigorating baths in cold water. There was also the natatio, a large swimming pool with huge granite columns, niches, and statues, from which the thermal path began.

On the sides were the two gyms and the changing rooms (the apodyteria) are embellished still  today by the ancient mosaics, of great finesse. Over time, the excavations have brought to light magnificent works of art that embellished it, some of which are exhibited, in the Vatican Museums there are other tanks and a large mosaic with 28 figures of athletes.

In the central area there are the two symmetrical rectangular libraries . The front had no wall but an imposing marble colonnade of ten columns through which one entered the library. In the centre of the back wall was the usual recess that must have housed the colossal statue of the emperor. In the spaces on both sides of the recess and alongside walls, there were niches for bookcases.

In addition to the central rooms of the complex, green areas enlivened the space between the enclosure and the central body. It seems that its walkway, the xystus, was covered by a magnificent pergola, as it was used at the time, and that probably we would have liked it today.

The Baths of Caracalla also included underground service rooms were it was the fulcrum of the life of the  complex, the place where hundreds of slaves and skilled workers worked able to operate the ingenious technological machine of the Baths and also to ensure heating by the circulation of hot water under the floors. Heat was generated in environments where large amounts of timber were burned.

In this place there is also the Mithraeum, one of the largest preserved in the city of Rome. It is still recognisably the space  for the initiation rituals of the adepts to the cult of good Mithra and denotes the strong proximity to the cults of oriental origins.

Your visit to the Baths of Caracalla will therefore be an engaging journey, which will project you into what was a city within the city. It will give you the perception of the bustling spa life. Among Roman matrons, perfumes poured into water, men discussing politics and poetry, and a lot, a lot of water.

Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to visit a Caracalla Baths complex that withstood the test of time!


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Viale delle Terme di Caracalla


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The virtual reality viewer con be used by visitors +7 with adult supervision Use of 4D viewers is not recommended visitors with epilepsy or serious eye diseases.


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Terme di Caracalla - The Baths of Caracalla - Soprintendenza Archeologica Di Roma, Viale delle Terme di Caracalla, Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy


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